Board Game

Domino is a type of board game which uses tiles as pieces when playing the game. The main objective when playing this game is for the player to match their tile to those with the same number of dots that are found on the board. It is important that the player will be able to match all their tiles before the other players in order to ensure a win in the game.

However, there are some instances wherein a player does not have a tile on hand which matches any of the tiles on the board when this happens, he is blocked from making a move, thus the next player will follow. In certain instances, where all of the players are blocked, the winner is declared by means of checking the least value of tiles using the dots on it. The player with the least value of tiles wins the game.

The game Domino has become quite popular worldwide that is why an online version is now available for free access in the Chrome browser. Those who would like to play the game online may access it freely using the mobile phones or computers. Aside from that, it is also important that they are connected to the internet for a smooth gameplay.

Playing Domino is an excellent pastime. It brings fun and enjoyment to many family gatherings and gets together with friends. It is a perfect game for groups because you can allow as many players as you want as long as you can provide an equal set of tiles to the players.

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